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Could there be silver linings in Haiti’s dark clouds?

By Dr. Cream Wright | April 12, 2010

It was barely two weeks into the new year, when Haiti was struck with the catastrophic, 7.0  M earthquake that buried, maimed and killed hundreds of thousands of Haitians,  disrupting families and shattering lives, young and old, destroying buildings and roads, testing faith, betraying hope and further compromising the future of  a proud nation and […]

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Haiti’s transformative moment

By Dr. Cream Wright | February 21, 2010

The earthquake devastation challenges Haiti’s prospects as well as the global state-of-the-art in disaster response, and our quest to coexist with the forces of nature. Haiti has a history of “non-development” with cycles of defiance, betrayal, and suppression creating a “nearly” State. Under these circumstances cataclysmic destruction can bring radical change, breaking the impasse of […]

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Information is vital

By Dr. Cream Wright | February 14, 2010

Water, food, medicines, and shelter are high priorities in any disaster, but “official information” is vital too. In the early weeks after the earthquake in Haiti, external agencies were too busy communicating with themselves to provide information to the affected population. It was almost two weeks into the disaster before the U.S. military distributed “wind […]

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