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“Using Global Thinking to Generate Local Solutions” 
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What is Redi4Change, LLC

Redi4Change LLC is a small dynamic consulting firm and Think Tank incorporated in the State of New York, USA in February 2010. We use a flexible staffing structure with a small team of core experts who provide their services as and when required. We also have a roster of committed technical experts located in multiple sites in the USA and other countries, who have agreed to be available for specific assignments that may be appropriate for their expertise. In addition, we often work with partners in a consortium arrangement to bid for major assignments. Recently we have established a hub office with local partners in Sierra Leone – Redi4Change (SL) Ltd – to serve the West Africa region and African countries in general.

Redi4Change LLC works with clients to explore and analyze issues and challenges that confront the development and humanitarian communities. We specialize in designing appropriate, feasible, efficient, and creative solutions to problems in education, health, and communications. Recently we have undertaken assignments in Botswana, DRC, Philippines, Sierra Leone, and Liberia; as well as working at regional and global levels. We have worked for a wide range of clients such as: UNICEF, European Union (EU), Soros Foundation, Islamic Development Bank (IsDB), etc. In general, Redi4Change LLC teams work with clients to analyze problems and design feasible interventions. And then usually do more; such as:

  • “Accompany” the implementation of initiatives, policies, and strategies; making necessary adjustments along the way, to increase the probability of success.
  • Enhance policy and sector programming, by providing appropriate evidence to decision makers and helping to advocate for critical resources from partner agencies.
  • Ensure that our clients and their constituencies take ownership of all products and recommendations we produce during an assignment.
  • Facilitate “restitution” by sharing and discussing evaluation results with policy makers and practitioners to support improvements in policy and practice.


[1] Redi4Change = Research, Educational, and Development Initiatives (Redi) for Change

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