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Andy PowellAndy Powell PhD
Principal specialist
(Lead, Organisational Change and Youth Empowerment)

Andy Powell has been a Chief Executive of not-for-profit organisations in the United Kingdom, and has worked for over fifteen years in the areas of education, skills and corporate social responsibility.

Most recently he helped establish the “Edge” Foundation as an independent campaigning organization, to raise the status of practical and vocational learning. He believes strongly that if every young person is to develop their potential, then education systems have to rid themselves of their obsession with academic achievement as the only path to success.

Under Andy’s leadership Edge has played a key role in the UK, seeking to change cultural attitudes towards vocational education. Andy has also been pivotal to a number of ground-breaking initiatives, including the feature-length education documentary We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For, and bringing the WorldSkills competition to London in 2011, as well as developing a network of thousands of young people supported and empowered to change education for themselves.

Andy has advised Government Ministers and officials on key aspects of education and skills policy. He has also made numerous appearances on radio and TV commentating on learning and skills issues, as well as writing many articles for national and professional press.

Before setting up Edge, Andy worked in a variety of organisations including a college, small business and IBM. He was also CEO of the National Council that oversaw a wide network of employer-led sector-based skills organizations. He was also CEO of a UK-wide community development NGO that matched business skills and resources with local community needs.

Starting out as a mathematician Andy Powell completed his degree at Cambridge University in operations research and industrial sociology, before gaining a doctorate in organisational behaviour from Aston University in Birmingham.

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