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A private sector think tank and consultancy firm, REDI4Change, LLC works with clients to explore and analyze the critical issues and key challenges that confront the development community. It specializes in designing appropriate, feasible, cost-effective – and above all, creative – solutions to development problems, especially in education and health.

woman with walking stickWorking closely with its clients, the REDI4Change team analyses problems and designs feasible interventions. And then it does more.

  • “accompanies” the implementation of initiatives, policies and strategies, making adjustments along the way to increase the probability of success
  • enhances policy and sector programming, by informing the decision making process and marshalling advocacy for critical resources
  • promotes ownership by its clients and their constituencies of recommended solutions, through empowering advocacy and communications
  • facilitates “restitution” by using evaluation results to cultivate improvements in policy and practice, in line with the future of the sector as envisioned by policy makers and practitioners.

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Photos: Top right, African woman/
S. Yeo. Above left: Colombia/S. Yeo.

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